• Dr. Wentz visiting children at the Wentz Medical Center in Uganda

    The Wentz Medical Center in Uganda

  • Dr. Wentz in Malawi evaluating the Wentz Medical Center
  • Dr. Wentz at the Wentz Medical Center in Malawi
  • Dr. Myron Wentz in Uganda

    Dr. Wentz in Uganda

  • Dr. Wentz visiting an orphanage in Uganda


  • Dr. Wentz in Uganda
  • Dr. Wentz giving USANA’s children’s vitamins, Usanimals™, to children in Uganda
  • Dr. Wentz at the Children’s Hunger Fund LA warehouse

    Children’s Hunger Fund California facility

  • Opening of the Wentz Medical Center in Cambodia

    Opening of the Wentz Medical Center in Cambodia

  • Dr. Wentz in Uganda

  • Dr. Wentz in Uganda

  • Dr. Wentz in Malawi with his companion, Prudence Conley

    Dr. Wentz and Prudence in Malawi

  • Dr. Wentz accepting the Children's Champion Award for Health and Nutrition

    Accepting the Children's Champion Award for Health and Nutrition

  • The Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College

    The Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College

  • Yo-Yo Ma plays at the Wentz Concert Hall

    Yo-Yo Ma plays at the Wentz Concert Hall

  • Dr. Wentz packing Children’s Hunger Fund boxes with Timothy Bradley at USANA’s 2015 International Convention

    Helping with the True Health Foundation Food Pak Project - with Timothy Bradley


Dr. Myron Wentz’ vision for a better world has inspired his devotion to philanthropy. Though his achievements in other areas are numerous, it is Dr. Wentz’ efforts as a humanitarian that bring him the most joy.

Children’s Hunger Fund

Dr. Wentz has always felt passionate about helping others to lead healthier lives, but his main focus has been the plight of the poverty-stricken children of the world. This is why Dr. Wentz has a long-established humanitarian relationship with the non-profit organization Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF).

Dr. Wentz has traveled with CHF to impoverished and strife-ridden areas around the world. In the summer of 2004, he traveled to northern Uganda, where he visited several refugee camps. One camp was home to 33,000 children who faced malnutrition and disease on a regular basis. Driven to action by this experience, Dr. Wentz partnered with CHF to send food to the camp’s children and help families begin building homes and growing crops. Within a year, this effort reduced malnutrition by 90 percent.

Dr. Wentz hasn't stopped there in his philanthropic contributions. At one point, CHF acquired $35 million worth of medicine from various different donors, but did not have the resources to distribute them to the people who needed them most. Through a generous donation to the Children's Hunger Fund via the USANA True Health Foundation, Dr. Wentz facilitated and funded the distribution of these medicines to children in need. These vital medicines were given to over 185,000 orphans and impoverished children in countries such as the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Korea, Peru, and Zimbabwe.

Dave Phillips, president of CHF, expressed his gratitude for Dr. Wentz’ recent contribution to offset CHF’s worldwide Mercy Networks’ shortfalls for 2014: "It is such a tremendous blessing to have all of our 2014 commitments covered. Thank you, Dr. Wentz!"

Dr. Wentz continues to serve the nutritional, medical, and spiritual needs of orphaned and poverty-stricken children.

Learn more about the Children’s Hunger Fund.

The Children’s Hunger Fund has created a website dedicated to Dr. Wentz which highlights the impact he has had in helping suffering children and families domestically and around the world.

Click here to view the site

North Central College

While his primary focus is on health and disease prevention, Dr. Wentz is also passionate about music, and he strongly supports music education. This passion led him to help fund the Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center at his undergraduate alma mater, North Central College, in Naperville, Illinois. The concert hall was completed in 2008.

In appreciation of Dr. Wentz’ generosity of spirit toward his alma mater and his dedication to the health of children across the globe, North Central College awarded Dr. Wentz an honorary doctor of science degree in 2011. Learn more about Dr. Wentz' degree.

In 2015, Dr. Wentz also donated $2.5 million toward the construction of a new science center on campus.

Learn more about the Wentz Concert Hall and view upcoming events.

USANA True Health Foundation

Dr. Myron Wentz’ vision for a world free from suffering was the inspiration for the creation of the USANA True Health Foundation. Established in 2012, the Foundation’s mission is to provide the most critical human necessities—nutrition, clothing, shelter, medical assistance, and health education—to those who are suffering or in need. One hundred percent of donations go directly to help those in need, and all administrative costs are covered by USANA. Some of the countries that have received support are Nepal, China, Mexico, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Donations to the USANA True Health Foundation can be directly designated to help fund the mission of the Children’s Hunger Fund or the Sanoviv Guest Assistance Program. Donations can also be designated to fund the Area of Greatest Need, which will, in part, allow for the immediate release of funds and aid for disaster victims around the world.

Cargo of Hope

Cargo of Hope was created in response to the expanded reach of CHF and its ability to serve the needs of vulnerable children in orphan homes and villages around the world. The initiative was largely funded through the generous contribution of Dr. Wentz in December 2013, and has recently come to its successful conclusion. The Cargo of Hope accomplished a great deal, including:

  • Providing 11.7 million meals to vulnerable children around the world
  • Providing food packs to aid disaster victims in Japan
  • Sending emergency food shipments to Liberia and Sierra Leone in response to the Ebola crisis
  • Supporting new Mercy Networks with food shipments in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, the Philippines, and Thailand
  • Expanding feeding programs and providing additional food shipments to Haiti, Dominican Republic, North Korea, Ghana, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Jordan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Cambodia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Rwanda
  • Stocking more than 20,000 food packs distributed within the United States with higher protein and vitamin-fortified food items
  • Distributing a total of 60 truckloads of nutrient-rich food shipments and supplements, consisting of:
    • 24 truckloads of assorted beans (cranberry, pinto, navy, white, seven bean mix)
    • 23 truckloads of vitamin-fortified meal packets (soy/lentil/rice)
    • 6 truckloads of oatmeal (180,000 pounds)
    • 100,000 pounds of assorted protein bars and nutritional supplements
    • 120,000 pounds of bulk food items and protein drinks
    • 80,000 pounds of dried fruit

The lives and health of children in orphanages and impoverished areas were significantly impacted with this initiative.

Learn more about the Cargo of Hope.

The Wentz Medical Centers

The Wentz Medical Center and Laboratory in Gaba, Uganda was established in August, 2005. This state-of-the-art facility provides both health education and comprehensive medical care for a community of 300,000 people—many of whom suffer from malaria and HIV/AIDS or have been orphaned by these diseases. Since its inception, the Wentz Medical Center has grown from serving 5–15 patients a day to 50–80, and from one clinic to three—with two new rural clinics currently under construction.

In 2008, Dr. Wentz created a similar Wentz Medical Center in Cambodia. The primary function of this facility is to provide medical and dental care for more than 6,000 orphan children in their 106 orphan homes throughout the 24 provinces. Additionally, another 18,000 children and adults from local villages are served annually.

With the generous donations of many USANA Associates, a facility bearing Dr. Wentz’ name was established in Malawi in 2011.

Learn more about the Wentz Medical Center in Uganda

Children’s Champion Award

In honor of Dr. Wentz’ continued support for CHF, the organization presented him with the Children’s Champion Award in March 2006. The Children’s Champion award recognizes those who have used their positions of influence in government, business, and charity to provide for the welfare and needs of children.

The PackerWentz Endowment

Dr. Wentz provided the funding to create The PackerWentz Endowment along with fellow microbiologist and colleague Dr. Lester Packer from the University of Southern California.

The Endowment was created to foster and support medical and scientific education and research.

Similar to Dr. Wentz, Dr. Packer has devoted much of his career to investigating oxidative damage and reducing the incidence of degenerative disease through research on free radicals and clinical antioxidant application.

Facing Africa

Dr. Wentz recently learned of a life-altering and debilitating disease, brought about by extreme poverty and chronic malnutrition, called Noma. This devastating gangrenous infection starts in the mouth and spreads quickly to disfigure the face. It mostly affects children, usually under the age of 6. During his subsequent research, Dr. Wentz discovered Facing Africa. Founded in 1998 by Chris Lawrence and Allan Thom, this not-for-profit charity sends highly-skilled, volunteer surgical teams into the heart of Ethiopia several times a year to provide facial reconstructive surgeries for the victims of Noma. Dr. Wentz was so heartened by this organization's work that he sponsored Facing Africa’s May 2016 mission to Ethiopia. He plans to continue offering his assistance and support in the battle against Noma. Learn more about Facing Africa.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Children’s Hunger Fund recognized Dr. Wentz with their first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award for his philanthropic efforts. The award honors individuals who, through their efforts and generosity, empower the nonprofit organization to deliver hope to suffering children around the globe. This award was presented to Dr. Wentz during CHF’s 25th Anniversary Banquet at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. More information.

Dr. Wentz is a meaningful donor and supporter of the following non-profit organizations:

  • Fluoride Action Network — FAN seeks to end fluoridation by informing citizens, scientists, and policymakers of the toxicity of fluoride.

  • Environmental Working Group — EWG is dedicated to protecting human health and the environment through the power of scientific information and research.

  • Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions — DAMS was founded for the purpose of educating the public on the dangers of amalgams and toxic dental procedures.

  • Campaign for Mercury Free Dentistry — The Mercury-Free Dentistry Campaign seeks to abolish mercury fillings worldwide, by changing dental school curriculums and promoting mercury free alternatives.

  • Cayman HospiceCare — Cayman HospiceCare provides palliative end-of-life care, free of charge, to people in the Cayman Islands.

Dr. Wentz also supports: